Be Safe

We have all taken part in a Super -Learning Week about E-Safety. We all used different ICT techniques and resources, and investigated what their dangers may be. Year 6 presented a powerpoint, song and drama to the rest of the school to warn them of the dangers of Facebook and MSN.

Supporting Special Educational Needs

Multi Agency Working

The school prioritises the need for working closely with external agencies. We have swift and easy referral to address identified needs, and benefit from working alongside colleagues in ;

Speech and Language therapists, Hearing impaired service, School Nurse, Specific Learning Difficulties team, Diversity and Inclusion team, Educational Psychologists, Children families and social care, Dental Health team, Police , Wardens and Surestart.

Early Identification of Needs

Our staff are trained in supporting identified needs. The SENCO is an excellent practitioner, who leads the schools practice of early identification of need. This means that we can work with parents and outside agencies to support our children and address their needs, as early as possible in their school life.

The school employs teaching assistants in every class throughout the school to accelerate learning. This enables the teachers to differentiate their lessons according to need, to challenge the more able and support the less able. All children across the school are also streamed according to ability in Numeracy and Literacy which has had a fantastic impact on raising the children’s confidence levels.

The Environment

Creating the right environment

Due to the interior re-design, school has been remodelled to best meet the needs of our children.  Classrooms are enclosed (having previously been open plan), providing spacious areas for learning. To ensure that the children take ownership and pride in their school, they have been involved in the design process and their ideas have driven the developments forward.

Displays are bright and reflect the quality of teaching and learning that is taking place within the class. They are often interactive, and are used to develop vocabulary or extend / support learning.

Super learning days are celebrated in the hall whole school display. Every class completes a section of the display to demonstrate how, as a school we have shared learning. The children then explain to the rest of the school what they have studied during the Super Learning time. Super Learning Days/Weeks have included having a 60ft rocket on the school playground, and the whole school took part in Science lessons about Space, The Earth, Moon and Sun, and Forces. Children made rockets and launched them  in the playground, and all children and staff dressed up as Aliens and Astronauts!

The importance of the Environment

We aim to provide an environment where every child is protected, listened to, stimulated, nurtured and welcomed. We are proud to have achieved the Manchester Inclusion Standard, for our work in the area of inclusion.

Health and Safety

School works hard to support the children to be aware of possible dangers.

We work closely with the neighbourhood wardens and the police to support community safety.  They come into school to lead assemblies on subjects such as “Stranger Danger”, or “Firework Safety”.

We have a school behaviour policy to ensure that the children are aware of our expectations of their behaviour when in school. We operate a positive discipline policy, and good behaviour is regularly highlighted and rewarded.

We also have a star of the week celebration assembly, at which one person from each class is rewarded for good behaviour or excellent work.

Security fencing onto around the school has been developed along with CCTV cameras to increase security.

We have developed school grounds alongside the interior of the school. The children identified an over grown woodland area at the edge of school grounds, as an area they felt was unsafe. We have therefore worked alongside the police regeneration group to develop this area into a wild flower walk. Trees have been thinned out, brightening the area, and the ground landscaped into a twisting path that entwines the trees around raised beds of wildflowers.

The playground now also benefits from a grassed tyre park, a climbing area, three pitches , lawned areas with outdoor seating and tables, and the main playground. Planters  and flower beds have been introduced to create a safe and beautiful place to play.

Personal & Social Health Education

PSHCE is embedded within the school curriculum. The classes work through a progressive scheme that covers ;

  • Drugs Education
  • Sex Education
  • Citizenship
  • All about me
  • Anti bullying
  • Inclusion
  • Race and Gender issues
  • Choices  and Aspirations

The SEALs learning program also allows the school to support children who may be experiencing difficulties such as family breakdown, illness  or bereavement. These two programs permeate through assemblies and circle time across the school.

Whole School SEAL'S Assembly

The school teaches the children religious education and we are linked to All Saints Church. The children go to services at church for shared celebrations and worship. Rev. Irene Smith also comes into school to support school celebrations. The children learn about many faiths and cultures, to develop their awareness, empathy and understanding.