Be Healthy

Mentally and Emotionally Healthy

The staff at St Wilfrid’s recognise the importance of being approachable to both parents and children. This applies to all staff , Head teacher, Deputy, Teachers, Teaching assistants Office staff,  Kitchen staff and Site Manager.

We recognise the importance of this as we always encourage the children to come to us if they have any problems. They will only do this if they consistently know that we are approachable, ready to listen , caring and fair.

In a recent audit of children and parent’s  view s on this 98% felt that this confidence was achieved by staff at the school.

We celebrate our differences at St Wilfrid’s.

There is clear structure to learning and supporting the development of children’s understanding of different cultures and races, religions and abilities. The Religious, PSHCE curriculum and SEALs work promotes this environment of growing understanding and mutual respect.

Pupil Inclusion Questionnaires and class questionnaires help us to focus upon different classes or vulnerable groups across the school. The school council talks to the pupils about places they feel safe / less safe in school. These all allow the children identified routes to share concerns or ideas for development. The children know that their voice is listened to. Our Senior Leaders also hold Pupil Focus groups each term.

There is clear and structured Special Educational Needs, and Looked After Children  support. School enjoys good working relationships with outside agencies this helps us to locate the best help possible for our children.

We are dedicated to teaching our children about healthy lifestyles. We have therefore reduced the cost of our breakfast club to attract more children, ensuring that they have received a nutritional breakfast. We now have over 30 children attending each day. We have also developed our growing garden and teaching kitchen to teach the children about the importance of fruit & Veg. We have even had sessions with Manchester City Football Club to learn about the importance of healthy lifestyles.


Inter -schools Football

Physically Healthy

School strives to develop the area of physical education and awareness of physical health across the curriculum.  This is taught through Science, PSHE, P.E., Maths and Literacy.

Extended school clubs through Passport to  Sport . The sporting sessions are then spread across the school throughout the year. Each term a different sport is the focus  – Badminton, Football, Cycling, Tag Rugby, Athletics, Year2 Multi Skills.

Year 4 attends weekly swimming sessions as part of the P.E. curriculum. Our aim is to ensure that all children can swim and are therefore safer in the water.

The school achieved The Healthy School Award for its work in this area of children’s education

A Healthy Lifestyle is promoted across school. The children have milk and fruit times, for snacks, and bring bottled water into school daily to ensure that they have sufficient water to drink.

School meals are within the Manchester Fayre Healthy Schools menu. The parents and children’s views on school meals are now audited due to school’s policy that the needs and opinions of the parents and children are at the heart of everything we provide.

Manchester Fayre have also worked in school to develop understanding of food ingredients and food types in a food preparation day.


The Velodrome

The Velodrome