School Trips


St Wilfrids values the learning that takes place by giving the children variety of experiences. This involves inviting visitors into school and arranging a variety of trips for the children. Throughout the year, we have loads of fun and exciting school trips. Here are only a few!

Library Visits – the children visit the local library to learn about different genres, take part in activities and learn about how to use a library to find books effecitively and efficiently. This also helps to encourage families to visit the library.

We also take the children to the local park, to have teddy bear picnics, learn about observational drawings, play on the park, learn about our local community etc. Other trips that take place include; Clayton Vale Visitors Centre, traffic surveys, local housing, church etc. Use of Museums, visits to different locations Hebden Bridge, Eyam, Southport, etc all linked to History, Geography Science, RE curriculum

Crucial Crew – Y5 and 6 visit Crucial Crew each year which is run by the emergency services and teach the children about a range of safety issues by taking part in projects and activities.

Visitors to school.  – We constantly have visitors in school to give the children a range of experiences.  Many sporting events take place including football, gymnastics, biking etc. The Police, community officers, Fire service, School Nurse, Library services Healthy schools,  Actors from Library Theatre Company, Artists, Language Teachers, Rev Irene Smith are all examples of visitors that come into school on a regular basis.

Year 3 Visit to Local Library 2 February 2016

Ribchester Roman Museum – 30 September 2015

Year 6 Visit to Ordsall Hall

Snow Pictures –

In January 2010, unfortunatekt we had to close school for four days because of the amount of snow we had! But we loved it and we really enjoyed playing out in the snow! Here are some of our pictures!  :lol:

Chill Factore – 125 of us went to the Chill Factore to learn a range of new skills including; skiing, snow-boarding, tubing and snow play. Look at our pictures and the massive smiles on our faces! And how hilarious do the staff look!! :roll:

This is just the start! We have got LOADS more photos to go on!!!