Look at our playground for the Foundation Stage.

We have worked extremely hard to improve the school for our children. The whole of the interior and exterior of the school has been painted, which gives the school a fresh and bright face-lift. It gives the right image to our visitors, as we know that our children our the best children in Manchester! The carpets in the communal areas and Key Stage One have also been replaced.

Following a self evaluation exercise of the Safeguarding of our children, carried out by the Head, new fire doors have been installed where required.  New external doors to the playgrounds have also been replaced for extra security for our children.

Fencing up the driveway and around school has also been replaced or installed for the safety of our children. Check out the photos below of the new playground! Even better, when you stand on the shapes, they make noises!!!!

We have also developed our very own teaching kitchen! In a morning the classroom is used as an intervention room, but in an afternoon it transforms into a teaching kitchen. This is where the fun begins! We grow our own veg in our garden and then cook them! We have cookery clubs, and bake cakes. We even made our own canapés for our visitors at a recent open evening! And when we aren’t cooking, we are using the kitchen to learn about Science! We’ve done loads of fun things, such as making rocks using chocolate!