Y3 French

French lessons take place on a Wednesday afternoon with Miss Pointon.

Year 3 is the children's first year of French at St. Wilfrid's and we try to make their learning as fun and engaging as possible. Our activities consist of simple conversations, song and rhyme, listening and speaking, written work and games.

In Year 3, we try to use French in daily routines, for example, through answering the register and greeting each other in the mornings and throughout the day.  We also have a simple French display in the classroom which displays some of the key vocabulary the children will learn throughout their time in Year 3.

Year 3 French Overview

Term/Unit Topic Overview/Objectives
Unit 1 Getting To Know You

By the end of this half term, the children should be able to:

  • Say “hello” and “goodbye”
  • Say “My name is...”
  • Perform “Deux Petits Oiseaux” (Two Little Dickie Birds)
  • Ask others what they are called
  • Identify a question word in French (“Comment”)
  • Use some French greetings
  • Ask how someone is and say how they are
  • Recognise some family words
  • Introduce their family
  • Sing a song about families - “Famille de Doigt” (Finger Family)
  • Count up to 12 in French
  • Sing a counting song
  • Say their age in French
  • Ask others how old they are
Unit 2  
  • Take part in a nursery rhyme (The Farmer's In His Den)
  • Recognise masuculine and feminine nouns
  • Recap numbers 0-12
  • Understand and use numbers to 20
  • Express Preference
Unit 3 It's Party Time!
  • Talk about activities you are good or bad out; both in and out of school
  • Respond with a short phrase, action, oui/non to questions about activities
  • Use praise words
  • Say the months of the year
  • Say which month my birthday is in
  • Wish someone a "Happy Birthday"
  • Create a party invitation
  • Know about how children celebrate their birthdays in France
  • Understand the months of the year
  • Know some French activities
Unit 4  
  • Label parts of the body
  • Sing "Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes"
  • Correctly identify colours
  • Sing a simple song about colours
  • Recognise parts of the body to play "Jacques a dit"
  • Describe a monster using appropriate language structures

French Songs

Here are some of the YouTube resources we use at school for singing songs in French. Feel free to have a watch and show off what we have learnt so far in school. You may also get a sneak peak at what's coming up in your future lessons!

September 2021

Deux Petits Oiseaux

September 2021

Une Chanson des Chiffres

October 2021

Comptine des Ciffres

October 2021

La Famille Doigts

November 2021

French Greetings Song

November 2021

Le Fermier Dans Son Pré

December 2021

Les mois de l'année

December 2021

Vive le Vent


Chanson Joyeux Anniversaire


La Chanson des Couleurs



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