RE lessons take place on a Friday afternoon with Mrs Steel.

Year 3 RE Overview

Term/Unit Topic Overview/Objectives
Aut. 1 Harvest (Unit 3.6)
  • Describe the traditional content of Christian Harvest Festival services
  • Describe and explain the Jewish festival of Sukkot
  • Explain why Christians celebrate harvest
Aut. 2 Christmas: God With Us (Unit 3.2)
  • Make links between your own experiences and the experiences of others
  • Retell stories about the presence of Jesus changing people's lives
  • Describe the ways in which the actions of Christians show Jesus' presence in the world
  • Ask good questions about religious beliefs
Spr. 1 Called by God (Unit 3.1)
  • Talk about in detail the Bible stories we have discussed
  • Ask important questions about religion and beliefs
  • Interpret the stories and identify Christian beliefs
  • Use developing religious vocabulary to show that you understand the Christian beliefs
  • Describe the impact of responding to God's call on a person's life
  • Say what you think God would be asking prophets to speak out against today
Spr. 2 Easter: Exploring Sadness and Joy (Unit 3.4)
  • Use religious vocabulary to retell in detail the stories of Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter
  • Make links between Christian beliefs and the stories on Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter
  • Ask good questions about the events of Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter and Christian belief associated with these events
  • Use religious vocabulary to make links between people's values and behaviour
  • Ask important questions about beliefs and values
  • Use religious vocabulary to describe and show understanding of the Christian practices linked with the Easter Story
  • Describe the impact of the events of Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter on the lives of people today
Sum. 1 Jesus: The Man Who Changed Lives (Unit 3.3)
  • Talk about experiences of change
  • Retell the Bible stories you have explored
  • Talk about the ways in which Jesus changed people's lives and the impact that had on you
Sum. 2 Which Rules Should We Follow (Unit 3.5)
  • Talk about the story of Moses and the impact of the ten commandments
  • Name some of the rules followed by people of other faiths
  • Describe ways in which Christians live out Jesus' command to love one another
  • Make links between beliefs and behaviour
  • Talk, with understanding, about the rules from faiths other than Christianity
  • Understand the effects of rules and ask good questions about religious rules
  • Express your own ideas about rules
Working together as one; with God, all things are possible.

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