Behaviour Principles

Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe


Being ready means we are ready to listen. This means listening to all members of our school: our teachers, children and visitors all have an equal right to be listened to and respected.

Being ready means we are ready to learn. This means we arrive at school on time at 8.55am, we have completed all homework and bring in our bags and books. We are ready to do PE with our trainers and any other equipment needed for special days and trips. We are in our school uniform ready to be part of St Wilfrid’s. We are ready to take on the challenges of the school day, and to grasp any opportunity for learning that comes our way.

Being ready means we are ready to be a good friend to all. We work together and play with each other, listen to other's views and accept we are all different, having our own opinions but getting on. This principle is pivotal to the success of our P4C sessions.

Being respectful means we are polite to each other. We listen when other people are talking and have a positive attitude towards ourselves and others.

Being respectful means we treat other people the way we want to be treated ourselves. We want to be listened to and have our ideas taken into account. We know that to respect somebody is to listen to their ideas and beliefs and respect them. It is ok to not agree with everybody all the time, but we show respect by accepting we are all different.

Being respectful means we look after our environment. We take care of our belongings and the school. We don’t throw litter and tidy up after ourselves. We look after our books and our equipment.

To show respect by being kind and helpful. We listen carefully and quietly and follow instructions. We use our manners to show respect to each other.

Being safe means that children behave in a way that keeps themselves and others out of harm. We know that when children feel safe and secure they make good progress in their learning and are happy.  We provide a safe place for them to learn and we carry out risk assessments for all our trips, visits and activities.  We teach them how to get along with each other and how to deal with disagreements in a safe and effective way.

We also help the children to make good choices about safety, including direct teaching about safety in the curriculum (computing; PSHE; science; water and swimming safety; Crucial Crew and visitors; fire safety).

Our pupils state that they feel safe at St. Wilfrid's (pupil voice February 2022).

Working together as one; with God, all things are possible.

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