We give children the opportunity to:

  • Write for a variety of different purposes and audiences
  • Plan, draft, write then edit their work against objectives for that piece of writing
  • Learn about how to write, including good grammar, spelling and punctuation.

We teach writing using a range of techniques and strategies including modelling, guided and independent writing.

Some of the work we do with writing is about learning a certain skill and may be an exercise, for example, how to use full stops and capital letters. Some of the work is about being creative and imaginative.

Here is the writing cycle we use throughout school. The cycle revisits skills and by doing this children get the opportunity to repeat and practice their skills which will help them remember what they learn. 

Children are taught what good writing looks like and what good writers do to make the reader interested and enjoy their writing, including choosing great vocabulary and organising the writing to suit the purpose and audience.

We have introduced  ‘Skills Showcase Weeks’, and these will give more opportunity for children to solidify key skills through child-initiated topics, in line with EYFS pedagogy and OfSTED research regarding engaging boys, particularly in writing. These weeks will allow teachers the time and opportunity to focus on further skill development – including links to prior skill development –  whilst promoting pupil interest and independent learning.


Cross Curricular

Where it is appropriate, we like to link other subjects with our English work. For example, we might write diary entries as Egyptians or a report as Neil Armstrong. Here is just a glimpse of some of our cross curricular work.

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We had a whole school focus on poetry. We enjoyed sharing our poems in a special assembly and we created a beautiful ‘poetree’ in the hall. 

aa.jpeg aaa.jpeg aaaa.jpeg
aaaaaaa.jpeg aaaaaaaaa.jpeg aaaaaaaaaa.jpeg
aaaaaaaaaaa.jpeg 123.jpeg 1234.jpeg


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